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Vehicle diagnostics

Waverley Motor Engineers performs car diagnostics which inspect your car and can identify various problems associated with your vehicle's:

  • Engine

  • Brake and handbrake

  • Front and rear lights

  • Tyres

  • Emission

  • Suspension and more


You can obtain our services in Paisley, Darnley, Cambuslang and other areas in South Glasgow.

Efficient car diagnostic checks in Glasgow

Do you see warning lights illuminated on your car's dashboard? Then get in touch with OFT approved Waverley Motor Engineers today. Based in Glasgow, we are an established car garage offering complete car diagnostic checks that can identify any potential problem with your car.


With our all-round car diagnostic check, we inspect your vehicle's engine to identify any problems at an early stage, avoiding any potential major damage to your vehicle in the future.

What does the car diagnostic identify?

We are a member of the Scottish Motor Trade Association,

ensuring you receive quality services. Call:

0141 636 1559

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