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Complete car servicing available

If you are looking for car garage services, you are in the right place. Waverley Motor Engineers are car specialists who have extensive experience in repair and servicing of a wide range of cars. From Ford and BMW to Mercedes and Chevrolet, we can work with vehicles of any make and model.


Located in Glasgow, you can make the most of our services in Paisley, Darnley, Cambuslang and across other areas of South Glasgow. For a free quote, call Waverley Motor Engineers.

Offering you extensive garage services:

We deal with complete car garage services. Some areas that we commonly work on include:

  • Interior parts repair or replacement

  • Exterior body panel replacement

  • Timing belt replacement

  • Car diagnostics and repair

  • Starter motor and alternator replacement

  • General car repair and service

  • Preparing the car for MOT and more

Looking for affordable car repair in Glasgow & surrounding areas?

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Reliable car garage services in Glasgow

For all makes and models at an affordable price